AGMHI membership benefits include

Networking with leading academic global mental health programs and directors

Access to the AGMHI’s resource hub, including: educational and program development materials, workshops, discussion boards, newsletters, and listservs

Participating in advocacy efforts on global mental health issues and for academic-based global mental health programs

Opportunities for participation in the AGMHI’s committees and working groups

Access to the AGMHI’s members only opportunities board

The AGMHI offers membership at both institutional and individual levels. Membership fees are determined by country income classifications as outlined below.

Institutional Membership


NGOs, professional associations, or government agencies that have goals that align with those of the AGMHI and that have at least one substantive international global mental health activity


Universities, colleges, or stand-alone professional schools that work across two or more domains of research, education, services, and policy and have at least one substantive, current relationship with an international institution

Low Low-Middle Upper-Middle High
Partner $250, flexible* $500, flexible* $1000 $2000
Member $500, flexible* $1000, flexible* $2000 $4250

* The AGMHI may waive annual dues for institutions who commit to serving on one or more committees/working groups.

Contact to enquire further regarding an institutional membership


Staff / Faculty:

Student / Trainee:

Low Low-Middle Upper-Middle High
Staff / Faculty $10* $50* $100 $250
Student / Trainee $5* $10* $20 $30

* The AGMHI may waive annual dues for individuals who are currently experiencing financial hardship that prevents them from paying the membership fee.

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